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Equal Opportunities

Preface Leeds HMO Lobby seeks equality of opportunity for its beneficiaries, its protoganists, and in the ways the one serves the other.

1 Purpose Leeds HMO Lobby’s very constitution is dedicated to equality of opportunity: the Lobby’s aim is to promote equal opportunity for all Leeds residents to live in balanced, sustainable communities, specifically by resisting the domination of communities by concentrations of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). The Lobby’s explicit concern is with opportunity for different household types and tenures, which in turn concerns especially (but not only) opportunity for diversity of age, class and ethnicity.

2 Participation Leeds HMO Lobby is an association of associations: its members are collectives, not individuals. The Lobby is constituted of local community associations, that is, associations which are geographically-based and whose membership is therefore open to all within their area of interest (rather than sectional associations). The Lobby’s member associations therefore by definition pursue equality of opportunity – and indeed, their membership of the Lobby is in itself a demonstration of this commitment.

3 Procedure Leeds HMO Lobby endeavours to conduct all its business, remote or face-to-face, so that any representative of its member associations may participate.
3.1 In the interest of effectiveness, and therefore of economy and efficiency, the Lobby conducts its internal and external communications electronically. However, paper copies of all documents are also made available to member representatives without internet access.
3.2 Meetings of member representatives are held at venues which are fully accessible, and at times which are mutually agreed.
3.3 Member organisations are encouraged to nominate representatives, as far as possible, who represent the diversity of their membership.

Leeds HMO Lobby, 3 July 2006


Leeds HMO Lobby
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