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A Proposal for

1 Leeds HMO Lobby, which has long campaigned on the particular problems of Inner NW Leeds, welcomes the Area Committee’s Project Plan of 26 October 2006 (in response to community representations) for a Vision for the Area. The Lobby recognises that many policies are in place for the benefit of the Area, and badly need urgent action. The Lobby does not believe that an additional over-arching policy is necessary. The Lobby does consider that there is a need to co-ordinate (and complete) the range of existing policies.

2 In response to the Project Plan, para 4.1, Leeds HMO Lobby considers that:
(1) the purpose of the ‘vision’ should be restoration of the Area, by promoting its strengths and solving its problems;
(2) what it can achieve is co-ordination of present policies (and plugging gaps); and
(3) how it can be developed is by cataloguing, monitoring and appraising policy development.

3 Leeds HMO Lobby makes three recommendations for a Vision for Inner NW Leeds.
3.1 At a moment of critical change, Inner NW Leeds badly needs a succinct Vision as a focus for action. (The Lobby has proposed the concept of Leeds Left Bank as a way of encapsulating such a Vision.)
3.2 The Vision must comprise two objectives.
(a) The Vision must address the peculiar problems of Inner NW Leeds, which are unique in the country. (The Lobby recognises that there are a range of problems in the Area, and that different neighbourhoods have different concerns. But the Lobby is convinced that one over-riding issue dominates the Area, and lies at the root of most of the problems – and that is demographic imbalance. The solution therefore lies in addressing housing issues in the Area.)
(b) In order to help solve the demographic problem, the Vision must also promote the particular strengths of the Area, in order to attract a diverse demographic. (The Lobby has outlined how it believes this might be done, as part of the NW District Plan, in its Leeds Left Bank proposal, adopted in November 2004, and revised in July & October 2006.)
3.3 The Vision’s objectives should be pursued by co-ordinating (and completing) the current range of policies which bear on Inner NW Leeds. The following policies should be included.
(a) Holistic policies (supporting the Vision as a whole)
(1) Headingley Renaissance (District Centre of Central Headingley).
(2) To add: Leeds Left Bank (whole of the Area).
(3) To add: Inner NW Area Action Plan (all aspects of planning in the area)
(b) Demographic policies (addressing the key issue, the demographic base)
(4) Shared Housing Action Plan (redressing the demographic balance, and its impacts)
(5) Area of Housing Mix.
(c) Special policies (addressing specific issues)
(6) To add: Transport Strategy (probably the second major problem in the Area).
(7) Inner NW Area Delivery Plan (addressing especially community safety, streetscene, youth provision)
(8) Neighbourhood Design Statements (to preserve the built environment, e.g. Far Headingley)
(9) Cumulative Impact Policy (licensed premises)
(d) Foundation policies (background city policies)
(10) NW District Plan (broad Plan for the whole NW District, should include Leeds Left Bank)
(11) Vision for Leeds (basic concept for the city as a whole)
(12) Unitary Development Plan (includes the Area of Housing Mix) & emerging LDF.
(13) Leeds Housing Strategy (basic housing policy)
(14) Leeds PRS Strategy (especially relevant to Inner NW Leeds)
(15) To add: Strategy for Housing Students in Leeds (in preparation)

Leeds HMO Lobby, 6 November 2006


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