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Local Development Framework

The Local Development Framework is the name given to the new system of Development Plans introduced by the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. It will take the place of the Unitary Development Plan. Rather than a single plan, the LDF takes the form of a portfolio of documents - Local Development Documents comprise Development Plan Documents and Supplementary Planning Documents. The Local Development Scheme sets out the programme for preparing the Local Development Documents.

Development Plan Documents (DPDs), which are subject to examination in public by an inspector, include:
# a Core Strategy, which sets out the vision, spatial strategies and core policies,
# 'thematic' policies, eg. minerals and waste
# Area Action Plans, where needed in key areas of change, and
# a proposals map
Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) do not have development plan status. 73 planning guidance documents are available or in production; one of these concerns affordable housing.
The Statement of Community Involvement specifies how stakeholders and communities are involved.

Area Action Plans are a key priority of the Leeds Local Development Framework. The focus of the plans is to promote (a) the continued and sustainable renaissance and development of the city centre as the hub of the City region, and (b) the regeneration of major inner city and suburban areas to promote the development of sustainable communities within these areas. Project plans are available for four areas -
# Leeds City Centre,
# Aire Valley,
# East and South East Leeds (EASEL), and
# West Leeds.
Leeds HMO Lobby is contributing to the consultations on the Area Action Plans for the City Centre and for the Aire Valley, for EASEL and for West Leeds. In addition, Leeds HMO Lobby has proposed an Area Action Plan for Inner NW Leeds.


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