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Welcome to Leeds HMO Lobby!

Leeds HMO Lobby is an association of more than two-dozen community groups, mainly in North West Leeds, whose concern is to campaign for action on the impact of concentrations of HMOs on our communities.

The Council estimates that there are about 10,000 HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) in Leeds. This in itself should not be a problem in a city the size of Leeds - except that the majority of these HMOs are concentrated in a very small area, in & around Headingley. It is widely recognised that HMOs can be a problematic form of housing, for both tenants and neighbours - this is why there are now licensing schemes for HMOs throughout the UK. One feature of these houses is that their tenancies are short-term, so that concentrations of HMOs can have a destabilising impact on a neighbourhood. In many parts of Headingley, tenants of HMOs outnumber permanent residents.

Individual community groups drew attention to these issues in the late 1990s, and in 2000, our local MP, Harold Best (Leeds NW), raised them in Parliament (Early Day Motion 240). This same year, a group of community associations in the area agreed to establish Leeds HMO Lobby, to campaign for action. The Lobby is an alliance of groups, an association of associations, which has expanded and campaigned, not only in Leeds, but also throughout the country, instigating the National HMO Lobby.

Our website tells who we are and what we have done, locally and nationally. The pages on the Lobby itself outline our origins and membership, our aims and organisation, and summary reports of our activities and publications. The pages on Local Action outline developments in Leeds and policies we have proposed. The pages on National Action outline developments on the national stage, representations we have made at national level, and the main campaigns in which we have been involved, especially HMO Licensing, the Use Classes Order, and the particular issue of Students & Community.

If you share our concerns, please contact us.


Leeds HMO Lobby
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