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Leeds HMO Lobby began publication of Headway, the local collective newsletter, in 2002. From time to time, the Lobby is also invited to contribute papers to other journals or to conferences. Also, from time to time, the National HMO Lobby and its members publish letters in the national press.

July 2002 onwards Headway quarterly newsletter of community associations in Headingley
October 2002 'Making Headway - a suburb under stress' Leeds Civic Trust Newsletter, October 2002, p3
5 November 2002 'The Impact of HMOs' Yorkshire Region HMO Working Group, Leeds Civic Hall, 5 November 2002
Late 2002 'The Story So Far' Kirkstall Matters, #81, Late 2002, p13
6 December 2002 'Community & Accreditation' Accreditation Network UK Annual Conference, British Library, London, 6 December 2002
Early 2003 'A New Chapter?' Kirkstall Matters, #82, Early 2003, p24
12 June 2003 'Memorandum by Leeds HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) Lobby (CDHB01)' (pp1-3) in House of Commons, ODPM Committee The Draft Housing Bill: Written Evidence (HC 751-II) The Stationery Office, London, 2003
September 2003 'Students and Community' Student Housing Project Group, Leeds City Council, September 2003
Early 2004 'The Latest Episode' Kirkstall Matters, #85, Early 2004, p7
Mid 2004 'The Plot Thickens' Kirkstall Matters, #86, Mid 2004
22 October 2004 'What the Community Wants' Students, Housing & Community, Unipol Conference, Leeds, 22 October 2004
10 December 2004 'Accreditation & the Community' Accreditation Network UK Annual Conference, British Library, London, 10 December 2004
Autumn 2005 'Students in the City' West Yorkshire Accreditation The Network: Landlords Accreditation Newsletter Autumn 2005, p7
20 March 2006 'Memorandum by the National HMO Lobby (AH06)' (ppEv88-89) in House of Commons, ODPM Committee Affordability and the Supply of Housing (HC 703-II) The Stationery Office, London, 2006
12 May 2006 'Ten Point Plan' Students & Communities Revisited, Unipol Conference, Nottingham, 12 May 2006
8 September 2006

'Comment: It's good to discourage' Inside Housing 8 September 2006, p14

22 November 2006 'Memorandum by the National HMO Lobby (SRH25)' (ppEv89-90) in House of Commons, Communities & Local Government Committee The Supply of Rented Housing (HC 47-II) The Stationery Office, London, 2006
2 March 2007

'What Communities Want' NUS Students and the Community Forum Roundtable Think Tank, London, 2 March 2007

7 March 2007

'The Trauma of Turnover' Connecting Coastal Communities, BURA Seaside Network Conference, Scarborough, 7 March 2007

3 April 2007

'Students in the Community: Studentification' Annual Conference, ASRA, Swansea, 3 April 2007;
also, SE Regional Meeting, ASRA, Greenwich, 7 June 2007

19 June 2007 'Studentification: Tackling Causes, Tackling Effects', Studentification: the next steps, Conference, Norwich, 19 June 2007
27 June 2007 'The National HMO Lobby', APPG Balanced & Sustainable Communities, London, 27 June 2007
October 2007 October, 'Love Thy Neighbour' Campus Life, #02, October 2007, p6
13 March 2008 Balanced Communities & Studentification, Leeds, March 2008
Spring 2009 The History of Headingley Spring 2009



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