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Leeds City Council, Shared Housing Group
Shared Housing Action Plan, revised (SHAP2)

(1) To increase the sustainability of Inner North West Leeds.
(2) To reduce the number of students in full-time education accommodated within the Area of Housing Mix as a proportion of the population, by the Census in 2011.
(3) To increase the proportion of students in full-time education accommodated outside the Area of Housing Mix by 2011.
(4) To increase the range of opportunities for student housing in Leeds.

01 Develop and monitor a Student Housing Strategy incorporating the plans and strategies of the Higher Education Institutions (Re’new).
02 Encourage the development of student housing outside Inner NW Leeds (Development Dept, and Shared Housing Group).
03 Maintain appointment of Community Planning Officer (Development Dept, Area Committee).
04 Review opportunities for developing affordable housing within Inner North West Leeds for a variety of markets including students with families (NW Leeds District Housing Partnership).
05 Develop an Inner NW Area Action Plan within Local Development Framework (Development Dept, Area Committee).

Management of Area with Students
06 Communicate to students via publications and inductions, issues on housing dispersal, transport and the Community Code (Universities, Unipol, Student Unions).
07 Develop plans to promote the regeneration of Inner North West Leeds (Area Management Team).
08 Monitor the implementation of Headingley Renaissance (Leeds HMO Lobby).
09 Promote noise nuisance initiatives (Environmental Health, Universities).
10 Support Police presence and neighbourhood policing arrangements in Inner North West Leeds (West Yorkshire Police, Area Management).
11 Increase awareness of how to access University complaints procedures and the disciplinary process (Universities).
12 Review and improve cleansing practises in Inner North West Leeds (Area Management Team, City Services).
13 Enforce and review Direction on letting boards in Inner NW Leeds (Development Dept).
14 Consider parking permit schemes (Area Committee).
15 Consider extending Unipol’s annual garden survey awards (Unipol, Area Management).
16 Promote a sustainable and balanced economy to ensure the long term vitality and viability of Headingley town centre and the surrounding area (Development Dept).
17 Monitor and enforce alcohol-related policies in Headingley town centre (West Yorkshire Police, Entertainment Licensing).
Private Rented Sector
18 Review the impact of Mandatory HMO Licensing and consider if Additional HMO Licensing is required in Inner North West Leeds, after April 2007 (Environmental Health).
19 Develop the contribution of the private rented sector to community sustainability through accreditation schemes (Environmental Health).

Monitoring / Review
20 Conduct an Annual Review of the Shared Housing Action Plan, based on
(a) monitoring of developments (Actions 21-27 below), and
(b) a SWOT analysis of SHAP (Area Management Team, all partners).
21 Monitor within Inner North West Leeds:
(a) implementation of Policy H15, and
(b) development of housing mix, on an annual basis (Development Dept).
22 Monitor implementation of Policy H15A (Development Dept).
23 Monitor distribution of student accommodation city-wide (within and without Inner North West Leeds) (Development Dept, Re’new).
24 Monitor social impacts in the neighbourhoods within Inner North West Leeds including crime, antisocial behaviour, and noise nuisance (Area Management Team, Re’new).
25 Monitor environmental impacts in the neighbourhoods within Inner North West Leeds including annual Streetscene report, Unipol’s annual garden survey, annual report on Development Control & Compliance (Area Management Team, Streetscene, Unipol, Development Dept).
26 Monitor economic impacts in Inner North West including annual reports on local economy, and on local Cumulative Impact Policy (Development Dept: Community Planning Officer).
27 Monitor developments in other towns on an annual basis (all partners).

The Shared Housing Group’s SHAP2, first agreed on 20 April 2006, was adapted from Leeds HMO Lobby’s proposed Student Housing Action Plan of May 2005. The Plan was subsequently amended when outcomes were agreed on 26 September 2006. A glossy version of SHAP2 was presented to the Housing Seminbar on 18 June 2007.


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