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1. The Name of the association shall be the National HMO Lobby.

2. The Aim of the Lobby shall be to ameliorate the impact of concentrations of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) on their host communities,
and the objectives of the Lobby shall be (a) to seek the licensing of HMOs, (b) to seek planning control of HMOs, and (c) to seek taxation of HMOs, and to pursue such other measures as may achieve the Lobby’s aim.

3. The Scope of the Lobby shall be any community association, that is, any formally constituted voluntary organisation whose membership is open to all within its area of interest, in all of the countries and regions of the United Kingdom.

4. The Method of operation of the Lobby shall include
(a) a Committee, comprising one representative nominated by each country and region of the UK,
(b) a Co-ordinator, nominated by and from the Committee,
(c) the member organisations, jointly and severally, lobbying the national authorities of the UK in order to achieve their aim and objectives.

5. In its conduct of business, the Lobby shall endeavour to be as inclusive as possible; for the sake of economy, efficiency and effectiveness, all business shall normally be conducted by means of email.


South East: Marcia Baker, Polygon Residents Association, Southampton
South West: Roger Mortimer, Redland & Cotham Amenities Society, Bristol
West Midlands: Barry Toon, TARA Neighbourhood Forum, Birmingham
East Midlands: Maya Fletcher, Nottingham Action Group
East Anglia: vacancy
Yorks & Humber: Richard Tyler, Leeds HMO Lobby (Co-ordinator)
North West: vacancy
North East: Colin Green, Crossgate Community Partnership, Durham
Northern Ireland: David Farrell, Belfast Holyland Regeneration Association
Scotland: Jean Charsley, Hillhead Community Council, Glasgow
Wales: to be confirmed


National HMO Lobby
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