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April 2000, Leeds (Lobby) and Birmingham (TARA) begin national network, and Sheffield (Broomhill) and Loughborough (Storer Road) join.

May 2000, Hull joins network.

November 2000, Nottingham (Forum) and Southampton (Polygon) join network.

February 2001, Manchester (Platt Lane) joins network

July 2001, Lincoln (West End) joins network.

6 October 2001, Birmingham visits Leeds.

April 2002, York (Groves) joins network.

July 2002, Cardiff (Forum) joins network.

16 August 2002, Nottingham visits Leeds.

October 2002, Coventry (Spon End) and Sheffield (Broomhall Park & Sharrowvale) join network, and on 17 October, Leeds visits Nottingham.

December 2002, St Anne's joins network.

July 2003, York (Groves NA & Heslington) and Belfast (Holyland) join network.

September 2003, Southampton (Federation) joins network.

October 2003, Glasgow (Hillhead), Plymouth and Nottingham (NAG) join network.

14 January 2004, Use Classes Order, representation to DOE, Northern Ireland, and Coleraine (Portstewart) joins network.

12 February 2004 (with Nottingham) Managing Multiple Occupancy, representation to Minister for Housing, Planning & Regeneration.

May 2004, Durham (Crossgates) and Bristol (Redland) join network.

June 2004, Bath (Federation) joins network.

22 October 2004, Unipol Conference, Students, Housing & Community, Leeds, attended by members ('What the Community wants' presented); 29 October, Liverpool visits Leeds.

November 2004: St Andrews and Liverpool (Marybone) join, and National HMO Lobby formally constituted (with 28 groups in 22 towns); Studentification discussion document (revised January, April 2005); 29 November, Use Classes Order, representation to Minister for Housing, Planning & Regeneration.

13 December 2004, Accreditation in Scotland, representation to Communities Scotland.

January 2005, Lobby website launched, and Edinburgh (MAGPIE) joins Lobby; 18 January, letter to Guardian; 19 January, Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan, representation to DOE, Northern Ireland.

February 2005, Response to Consultation on Implementation of HMO Licensing, representation to ODPM.

March 2005, What is a HMO? briefing bulletin; 3 March, Use Classes Order, representation to Minister for Housing, Planning & Regeneration; 10 March, Scotland Regional Meeting; and Leicester (Knyghton) joins Lobby.

April 2005, London (CRARAG), Southampton (Residents Action Group) and Swansea (Brynmill & Uplands) join the Lobby; 29 April, letter to THES.

2 May 2005, Housing (Scotland) Bill, representation to the Communities Committee of the Scottish Parliament; May 2005, Sustainable Communities, representation to the newly-appointed Minister for Housing & Planning, Yvette Cooper MP; Householder Consents, representation to ODPM; Canterbury (Hale's Place RA) joins the Lobby.

June 2005, Downstream South (Bath) joins the Lobby.

July 2005, Highfield Residents Association (Southampton) joins the Lobby; 14 July, Nottingham visits Leeds.

September 2005, Saint John's Residents' Association (Bristol) joins the Lobby; 2 September, Leeds, Loughborough & Nottingham meet in Nottingham; Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan, representation to DOE, Northern Ireland.

October 2005, Hull leaves the Lobby (due to demise of Newington Citizens Action Group), and Hatfield joins; Affordability & the Supply of Housing, representation to Commons Select Committee on ODPM; Make Landlords of HMOs Pay Tax, petition launched by Campaign for a Sustainable Canterbury.

1-2 November 2005, Liverpool visits Belfast; 24 November, N2K Community Conference Holyland, Belfast, attended by National Co-ordinator; Local HMO Plans briefing bulletin; Report 2005 compiled.

December 2005, Jesmond RA (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) joins the Lobby.

January 2006, Accounting for Sustainability and Keeping the Peace discussion documents; 24 January, Living in the Shadow of the Ivory Tower, press release; 25 January, Universities UK The Engagement of Students and Higher Education Institutions with their Communities Conference, London, attended by National Co-ordinator.

1 February 2006, Studentification, representation to Minister for Higher Education; 10 February, Campaign for the Sustainability of Canterbury Students & Community Working Together Conference, Canterbury, attended by National Co-ordinator.

April 2006, Balanced Communities discussion document; Talbot Village RA (Poole) and Claremont RA (Blackpool) join the Lobby; 21 April, Sustainable Communities Seminar, Durham, attended by National Co-ordinator; Parliamentary HMO Lobby, representations to MPs.

May 2006, Bangor joins the Lobby; 12 May, Students & Communities Revisited, Unipol Conference, Nottingham, attended by members from a dozen towns ('Students, Community & Sustainability' to be presented); 25 May, letter to Guardian.

June 2006, Ten Point Plan briefing bulletin; 19 June 2006 Faint Praise for Universities news release; 27 June, Universities UK, Students & Communities Living in Harmony? House of Commons, attended by NAG, representing the Lobby.

July 2006, Mandatory HMO Licensing Notification Form [available from National HMO Lobby]; Old Trafford Group (Manchester) joins the Lobby; 7 & 14 July, letters to THES.

August 2006, Fern Avenue Residents Group (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) joins the Lobby; 10 August, Silo thinking misses the boat, news release; 12 August, letter to Times.

September 2006, From Decent Homes to Sustainable Communities, representation to DCLG; 8 September 'It's good to discourage' Comment Inside Housing; 13 September, letter to Guardian; 28 September, letter to Country Life; Badger Hill Action Group joins the Lobby.

October 2006, The Supply of Rented Housing, representation to Select Committee for Communities & Local Government; Students in the Private Rented Sector, briefing bulletin; 30 October, University of York Public Inquiry, evidence submitted by National Co-ordinator.

November 2006, Report 2006 compiled; East Bassett RA and Bassett, Highfield & Swaythling Community Action Forum (both Southampton) join the Lobby.

January 2007, Alexandra Quay Management Company (Southampton) joins the Lobby.

1 February 2007, East Midlands Regional Meeting, Nottingham; Nottingham Action Group website.

2 March 2007, 'What Communities Want' NUS Students and the Community Forum Roundtable Think Tank, London; 7 March, 'The Trauma of Turnover' Connecting Coastal Communities, BURA Seaside Network Conference, Scarborough; 28 March, 'Mug the Minister' simultaneous representations to Minister for Local Government & Community Cohesion, by Loughborough, Nottingham and National HMO Lobby.

3 April 2007, 'Students in the Community: Studentification' Annual Conference, ASRA, Swansea; 26 April, letter to Local Government Chronicle.

8 May 2007, Loughborough delegation met the Minister for Local Government, London; Egham RA, Surrey, joins the Lobby.

5 June 2007, News Release NUS: Not Under Stood; 7 June, 'Students in the Community: Studentification' SE Regional Meeting, ASRA, Greenwich; 19 June, 'Studentification: Tackling Causes, Tackling Effects', Studentification: the next steps, Conference, Norwich; 27 June, 'The National HMO Lobby', APPG Inaugural Meeting, Westminster.

12 September 2007, Regeneration & Renewal Balanced Mixed Communities Conference, Manchester, attended by Nationla Co-ordinator; 20 September, BURA Social Challenge of the Seaside Rhyl, attended by National Co-ordinator; Falmouth Pact Panel and Treforest Residents Association, Pontypridd, join the Lobby.

October 2007, A Representation on Homes for the Future Housing Green Paper presented to DCLG; October, 'Love Thy Neighbour' Campus Life, #02, p6; 25 October, Universities UK Uni & the Community Conference, London, attended by National Co-ordinator; 25 October, Engaging with the Community: Open Letter to Our Universities presented to President, Universities UK; Bede Park Area Action Group, Leicester, joins the Lobby.

November 2007, Report 2007 compiled; TownGownWorld website launched; Winton Community Forum, Bournemouth, joins the Lobby.

5 February 2008, Nottingham delegation met the Minister for Planning, London.

4 March 2008, DCLG, Private Rented Sector Review, Policy Round Table: Student Housing, London; 5 March, Balanced Communities or Studentification? News Release; 5 March, Representation on A New University Challenge; 13 March, East Midlands Regional Meeting, Nottingham; 13 March, National HMO Lobby Balanced Communities & Studentification launch, Nottingham; Withington Civic Society, Manchester, and Swansea Sustainable Community Initiative join the Lobby.

9 April 2008, DCLG HMOs Seminar, London; April, UCO & HMO Hymn Sheet; MAGPIE (Edinburgh) disbanded; 21 April, Briefing Bulletin on Residents Parking Zones circulated.

13 May 2008, visit by Iain Wright, Minister for Planning, to Loughborough and Nottingham.

June 2008, Divinity Road Area Residents Association, Oxford, and Palatine Road Committee and King Edward Avenue West Committee Action Group, both in Blackpool, join the Lobby.

July 2008, Elm Grove Area Residents Action Group, Brighton, and Proprietors of Monkwood Court, Edinburgh, join the Lobby.

August 2008, Gerald Road East Action Team (GREAT), Salford, joins the Lobby; 21 August, representation on Sustainable Development in Higher Education; representation on New University Challenge.

2 September 2008, letter to Guardian; 24 September, National Co-ordinator attends HEFCE consultation on New University Challenge in Leeds; Albion Residents Group, Salford, and Stockmore Street Residents Association, Oxford, join the Lobby.

October 2008, representation on HMO & UCO.

November, representation on PRS Review 2008; discussion document on Second Homes for Students; 17 November, representation on The Future of Higher Education; and Report 2008 compiled

17 December 2008, visit by Iain Wright, Minister for Planning, to Loughborough.

January 2009, Brandling Village Residents Association, Newcastle, joins the Lobby; 27 January, National Co-ordinator attends BURA reception on Turning the Tide of HMOs in Coastal Towns in Westminster; 28 January, East Midlands Co-ordinator attends Unipol conference on the Rugg Review; 30 January, Evidence on HMO Licensing presented to BRE.

17 March 2009, Planning Minister Iain Wright MP visits Southampton; March, South East Fallowfield Residents Group, Manchester, joins the Lobby.

23 April 2009, Dr Darren Smith & Dr Richard Tyler 'Studentification: success & failure of the PRS' presented to Northern Housing Consortium The future contribution & potential of Private Sector Housing conference, Harrogate; April 2009, Chichester Residents' Associations Co-ordinating Group joins the Lobby.

13 May 2009, campaign on the CLG consultation on Houses in multiple occupation and possible planning responses begun; 14 May Campaign Bulletin 01 circulated; 18 May, Campaign Bulletin 02 circulated; 20 May, Campaign Bulletin 03 circulated; East Salford Community Committee HMO Subgroup joins the Lobby.

2 June 2009, Campaign Bulletin 04 circulated; 8 June, Campaign Bulletins 05 and 06 circulated; 12 June, National HMO Seminar in Birmingham; 15 June, Campaign Bulletins 07 (Seminar Report) and 08 circulated; 16 June, Campaign Bulletin 09 circulated; 17 June, Campaign Bulletin 10 circulated.

16 July 2009, Campaign Bulletins 11 and 12 circulated; 30 July, delegation to CLG, and Response to the CLG Consultation on Houses in Multiple Occupation and possible planning responses presented to CLG; Kingsdown Conservation Group (Bristol) joins the Lobby.

4 August 2009, Campaign Bulletin 13 (Delegation Report) circulated; 6 August, Representation on the consultation on the Government Response to the Rugg Review submitted to CLG; 10 August, Campaign Bulletin 14 (Campaign Report) circulated.

15 December 2009, Report 2009 circulated; 16 December, letter to Guardian.

27 January 2010, Housing & Planning Minister John Healey MP visits Oxford and announces new planning measures on HMOs, in response to the consultation in 2009, and a new consultation on licensing of HMOs.

9 February 2010, Covenants on HMOs briefing bulletin; 10 February, interim Campaign Bulletin 15 (Outcomes) circulated; 17 February, National Co-ordinator joins Panel at Volunteering England's Policy Seminar on 'Can students be good citizens?' in London; 22 February, A Response to the Consultation on General Consents for Licensing Schemes presented to CLG.

12 March 2010, revised Campaign Bulletin 15 (Outcomes) circulated.

06 April 2010, final Campaign Bulletin 15 (Outcomes) circulated; 13 April, letter from Co-ordinator to David Cameron MP, Leader of the Opposition, and others on EDM 1200, jointly with Chair of NORA; 18 April, joint letter to Grant Shapps MP, Shadow Housing Minister, and others; 21 April, Co-ordinator meets Grant Shapps in Headingley.

06 May 2010, briefing bulletins on Local HMO Policy circulated.

16 & 19 June 2010, Co-ordinator holds telephone consultation with new Minister for Housing, Grant Shapps, on new proposals for HMO legislation; 20 June, Update on HMO Legislation circulated to Lobby; 24 June, Co-ordinator meets officers at CLG regarding consultation on HMO legislation proposals; 25 June, Update 2 circulated; 30 June, Update 3 circulated.

01 July 2010, Response to the Consultation on HMOs: Changes to Planning Legislation submitted to CLG; 22 July, Update 4 circulated to Lobby.

07 September 2010, Lobby notified that new Statutory Instruments have been tabled; 08 September, update circulated on current developments; 13 September, update (4) circulated, and notice of possible judicial review; 15 September, notice of EDMs 729 and 730 circulated; 26 September, update (5) circulated; New Way Tenants & Residents Association, Ormskirk, joins the Lobby.

01 October 2010, update (6) circulated to Lobby, confirming that the new Statutory Instruments came into force; 19 October, update (7) circulated, reporting refusal of Judicial Review of the new SIs.

November 2010, Sunnyside Residents Association, Northampton, joins the Lobby; 30 November, meeting of members from Bournemouth and Southampton with CLG officers; 30 November, representation on Proposals for changes to planning application fees in England submitted to CLG; briefing bulletin on HMO Legislation in England; and Annual Report 2010 circulated.

December, Iffley Road Area Residents Association, Oxford, joins the Lobby.

January 2011, briefing bulletin on Universities & HMOs.

February 2011, briefing bulletin on Article 4 Directions; North East Bassett Residents Association, Southampton, joins the Lobby.

03 March 2011, Witness Statement submitted to Milton Keynes Council in support of their claim for judicial review of HMO legislation.

17 June 2011, briefing bulletin on Model HMO Policy circulated.

28 July 2011, update on Article 4 Directions circulated.

25 August 2011, Representation on Change of Use in the Planning System presented to CLG.

14 October 2011, Representation on Draft National Planning Policy Framework presented to CLG; updates on Article 4 Directions and HMO policy circulated throughout October, including reference to the first Direction, in Manchester, effective from 8 October; briefing bulletin on National HMO Policy.

November 2011, briefing bulletins Keeping the Peace and Rubbish Bins circulated.

12 December 2011, Annual Report 2011 circulated.

16 January 2012, comment on the Regulation of HMOs posted on the Red Tape Challenge website; National HMO Lobby mailing list updated.

February 2012, South Earlsdon Neighbourhood Association, Coventry, and St. Michael’s Road Area Residents Association, Canterbury, join the Lobby.

7 March 2012, Representation on Waste Collection presented to DEFRA; 9 March, representation to Secretary of State, CLG, on business rates for HMOs.

April 2012, article on 'The View from the Local Community' contributed to NUS The Future of Student Housing.

May 2012, Whinney Hill Community Group, Durham, joins the Lobby.

29 June 2012, briefing bulletin Objections to HMO Developments in England circulated.

17 July 2012, request for info on HMO Appeal Decisions circulated.

September 2012, Morley Grove HMO Action Group, Harlow, joins the Lobby.

11 October 2012, Representation on Sustainable Development Indicators presented to DEFRA.

12 December 2012, response to the consultation on Extending permitted development rights for homeowners and businesses submitted to CLG.

10 January 2013, Memorandum on the Private Rented Sector submitted to the CLG Committee Inquiry.

24 February 2013, notice circulated of Briefing Bulletin on HMO Appeal Decisions.

08 April 2013, Gosford Park Residents Association, Coventry, joins the Lobby.

13 May 2013, the Lobby gave oral evidence to the CLG Committee Inquiry on the Private Rented Sector, at Leeds Town Hall.

31 July 2013, the Lobby lobbied the government over its Guidance on Bin Charging on Student Accommodation.

09 August 2103, the Lobby responded to the government consultation on an extension of permitted development (PD) rights, approving the exclusion of HMOs from conversion of shops to dwellings

20 September 2013, St. Paul’s Road Area Residents Association, Cheltenham, joins the Lobby.

09 December 2013, Ormskirk Residents Group joins the Lobby.

23 September 2014, the Lobby responded to the government's Technical Consultation on Planning.

20 October 2014, Fallowfield Community Guardians join the Lobby.

13 November 2014, CP4SO in Selly Oak in Birmingham joined the Lobby, as did Stanmore HMO Lobby in Winchester.

20 April 2015, RokerEye Residents Association in Sunderland joined the Lobby.

26 August 2015, the Lobby responded to the government consultation on Tackling rogue landlords and improving the private rental sector: a technical discussion paper.

07 December 2015, the Lobby responded to the government consultation on Extending mandatory licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and related reforms.

August 2016, the Witham Central & Carlton Road Neighbourhood Action Group joins the Lobby.

August-September 2016, the Co-ordinator circulated Memos on HMO-related issues, including definition, planning, licensing, taxation and policy;

19 September 2016, SoLAR (South Leamington Area Residents) joins the Lobby.

27 November 2016, the Co-ordinator published a letter in The Observer on second homes for students.

01 December 2016, the Lobby responded to the CLG consultation paper on Houses in Multiple Occupation and residential property licensing reforms.

11 January 2017, the Co-ordinator wrote to the Minister for Housing & Planning about classing student houses as second homes.

10 March 2017, the Minister for Housing & Planning rejected the proposal to class student houses as second homes.

16 July 2017, the Co-ordinator published a letter in The Observer on 16 July on HE funding.

August 2017, the Evington Footpath Conservation Area Society in Leicester joined the Lobby.

08 May 2018, the Lobby responded to the MHCLG consultation on a Draft revised National Planning Policy Framework.

10 January 2019, the Co-ordinator circulated a Briefing on National HMO Legislation.

January 2019, Henshaw Street Tenants and Residents Association (London SE17) joined the Lobby.

February 2019, Evington Road Neighbourhood Association in Leicester joined the Lobby.

March 2019, Reservoir Residents Association in Birmingham joined the Lobby.

August 2019, the group '4 Streets, One Community', in Doncaster, joined the Lobby.

September 2019, the Belfast HMO Lobby joined the Lobby.

April 2020, the Co-ordinator circulated a Briefing on Houses in Multiple Occupation.

May 2020, High Kingsdown Residents Association in Bristol joined the Lobby.

July 2020, the Lobby prepared a Response to SAGE Papers (published on 24 July) on Higher Education and COVID-19

March 2021, the Lobby responded to the MHCLG consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework, specifically with regard to Article 4 Directions

March 2021, the Heathdene Area Residents Group joined the Lobby.

17 April 2021, the Lobby submitted evidence to the Inquiry on Permitted Development Rights by the Select Committee for Housing, Communities & Local Government.

06 June 2023, the Lobby submitted a response to the DLUHC consultation on the introduction of a use class for short term lets.

06 June 2023, the Lobby also submitted a response to the DCMS consultation on a registration scheme for short-term lets in England.


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